Proper Undies: Essential to a Well Dress Women

Underwear The Foundation

Underwear is the foundation of every well-created ensemble. A great panty and bra can improve the shape of the body. I am sure by now you’ve heard the majority of us girl are sporting the wrong bra size. We can now benefit from revolutionized designed underwear. Here are a few solution based on body type.

Big Boobs A big girl worst enemy can be her boobs. Large boobs can make you look huge and ruin the tailoring of stunning outfits. Women sporting large rack should value a well-fitted bra. Don’t be afraid of cost. Avoid lace and decorative bras. Under wire is great. Spanx also cares a wireless alternative.

Small boobs or no boobs Lift and squeeze!! Magical Wonder Bra

Saggy boobs For many of us it is inevitable! The solution would be the balcony bra. Chi Chi’s become sexy and a sudden appearance of a was Shapelier look can complement any dress or top

FAT BACK Those of US with Fat Back may not place attention to the back. But the back can be equally important. The solution would be a bra with wide straps that will distribute the pulling power over a wide area. Reducing the flesh digging of the strap.

Flabby belly You may want to wear the trendy thongs or bikini but I recommend a support panty that reaches up to your rib cage. Creating a flatter belly, which is always more flattering.

Saggy bottom Many of us suffer from this issue. “ Let me just say” The G String is not the solution. NOT! The answer is undies that offer a built in LIFT!

CELLULITE CELLUTITE CELLUTLITE We want to ignore but we have to acknowledge and solve this unsightly dilemma. SPANX POWER PANTIES is the answer.

Remember a Fab outfit begins with proper underwear


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I am TheFashionistaChic. I'm a wardrobe consultant specializing in developing WARDROBES that fit's ones lifestyle while expressing ones PER
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