5 Ways To Keep the Fun In Your Relationship according to Mars

5 Ways To Keep The Fun In Your Relationship
1.) Random Sex: is always good. Whether your girlfriend/boyfriend is watching the game or doing the dishes. Its good to initiate sexual activity. A healthy regular, spontaneous sexual relationship is good to keep the spark and keep the either of the two from becoming bored. When the Relationships, starts to get boring that’s when people tend to have wondering eyes, and thoughts of something or someone new.
2.) Show Interest: Although, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. We all share the natural need, to feel wanted. Try to really take an interest in your partner by switching off on weekend plans. One weekend do what your partner wants to do and the following weekend, you plan a weekend with your partner.
3.) Spontaneous Aknowledgement: Doesn’t have to be a special occasion, to give a gift or to go the extra mile to show someone you value him or her. It can be something simple like, sending her roses at the office, just because. Also buying him ticket’s to their favorite sporting event.
4.) Creative Dates: Be creative in planning out dates. Keep your partner on their toes; try not to ever do the same date more than twice. Try to do different activities’ with your partner, such as join a dancing class, or maybe a outdoor group that go on hikes, and other outdoorsy types of things.
5.) My-Space. Now, I know you care about your partner. You want to be in there presence all the time, but everyone needs his or her space. So its good to allow your partner to have their “me” time. Whether it’s a night out with girls, Monday night football with the boys. When you give your partner that space it gives your partner that time to see what they’re missing.


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  1. sim says:

    yes this really does work!

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