A few ways to keep the Fun according to Venus

Ladies, here are a couple things you can do to better your relationship with your man by keeping it FUN & EXCITING.
(these are in no chronological order.)

1. Communication is always key, but who said it only has to be done through conversation? Become accustom to leaving little notes around for him to let him know he’s wanted, missed & loved. For example, make him a meal for work and leave a little surprise in his bag, or leave a little note on the bathroom mirror while he’s getting ready for work. Always remember, It’s the little things that matter.

2. Buy him season tickets for the sporting event he loves. Put on your jersey and go with him. Taking interest to HIS interests, shows your man that you’re taking initiative in the relationship. He’ll love going with you.

3. Take a picture of your favorite pair of high heels and a pearl or beaded necklace and place it in his brief case. Write a note asking him if he likes the outfit you plan on wearing later tonight. Arrange for the kids to be gone for a few hours and then greet him at the door in your shoes and necklace. Make sure you are loaded down with gloves, necklaces, garters and the sort – he will eagerly anticipate you taking off every piece of clothing.

4. Ask for his help even when you know you can do it yourself. Make a point to tell him he is your big, strong man, and you are so glad you have him to help you. No mans wants a woman that is too independent; he wants to feel needed. Show him he’s needed.

5. What man doesn’t want his name ENGRAVED or EMBEDDED on your brain? Make it be known that you are his & he is yours. Be creative, either… buy an “I HEART ____” shirt with your man’s name on it & wear it to bed or place a temporary tattoo somewhere obscure on your body, and then have him find it…

Again, these go in no chronological order. Just a few things every woman can do to better her relationship. It is true what they say, “What you won’t do, someone else will,” therefore, it is up to you to take the initiative to make your relationship FUN & EXCITING.


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