Caught In A Sexual – Web

“Caught in a Sexual-Web”

You’ve got mail? Appears to be the new pick-up line men and women are hearing today. Instead of the cheesy Mack Daddy lines of old Men used to tryout on you and the girls at your local bar, or just any other destination you and your girlfriends chose on your “Girls Night Out”. Men are approaching women and proclaiming their affection in their pants via email and direct messages on social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, and now the ever so popular Twitter. This new epidemic has transcended the dating world into a sexual frenzy. Say, goodbye to the Relationship! and say Hello, to the Fling. Just as fast as, you can spark a love interest by the Social Dating sites (f.k.a Social Networking sites) that spark can be put out because of a comment or a tweet your love interest noticed on your page. It doesn’t just stop there; even some celebrities are finding themselves in Relationships or in Flings with someone they met on twitter. Perfect example of that would me rapper Juelz Santana and his model girlfriend Kimbella. So if your looking for love or maybe just a fling you can interact with by sexting (sexual text messaging), it might just be only a click or twitpic away…your cyber love could be tweeting you as we speak.


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