It Take Two, To Tango

“He dates a lot of women, and get’s praised for it, I date a lot of guys, and I’m frowned upon, and highly regarded as a slut”. Appears to be the mindset of the majority of the women in the world we live in. Which may be the most prevalent gripe in the cosmic struggle between Men vs. Women, well the most prevalent gripe women have anyway. Men see, this argument in a totally different light. I mean, yes we acknowledge the fact the there is a double standard present, but as Men we feel the double standard is needed. Not in a sense we want our cake and to eat it too, but as men we all want our own “virgin”, or at least something close to it. The Double Standard keeps this in check, somewhat of a checks and balances system. As, men we want something that every other man, wants but hasn’t been fortunate enough to obtain. It may have to do with our male “penis ego” (aka Male Ego). Male ego or pride can be a gift and a curse, the same confidence we display that women are attracted to; can be the demise of a attraction as well. That same pride can blind us men from seeing good women.
To focus more on the other side of the “Double Standard” t argument, it all doesn’t rest on the shoulders of Men. Women play an intricate role in this struggle as well. From a Male prospective, Women our learning the power they hold over Men and our abusing it. Coming up with what I call their “ pussy prevails” movement. I don’t know if it’s a backlash reaction to Women feeling used by Men over the years, but Women are now exploiting these Men. This scenario makes you really think who wears the so called “ Pants” in these relationships, even in the bible the tales of men exploiting their power over men. In tales of Sampson and Delilah, and the tale of Eve chorusing Adam into taken the apple. Either way whoever holds the power, both Men and Women seem to be to totally different creatures, not only physically, but also mentally. Men are from Mars and Women truly are from Venus, so close in the solar system but mentally are galaxies apart the double standard is a result of this.


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