Working on obtaining strong core muscles

I have been struggling with a back injury for several months. After enduring months of pain and mental anguish. It dawned on me, that the answer is to strengthened the core muscle to help stabilize the injured area. My abdominal area has grown weak. I found this great abdominal work out on youtube. If you guys are having some back issues or just want a leaner midsection check out this video.

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Lovers or Friends

How do we distinguish the boundaries between lovers and friends?
Directly we express that neither party is ready for a relationsip. Yet ,everything you seem to do with and for another are relationship related. We try to keep a distance, but as one pulls away, the other pulls you back. Feelings are intertwined and later led to confliction. “Boundaries” and “limits” of a friendship are once again crossed. Then it goes back to what the mutual agreement was: to just be friends, not do things on a relationship level, not to catch feelings, not to get clingy. But back to reality: you see one another way too often. Meet one another’s closest friends and family. Tell past experiences, and simply too much of you to the other. Become unintentionally clingy, have sex and now feelings are involved.
By this time our heart speaks louder than our brain. Telling us its ok to love this person. So how are we so sure that the other person has that mutual feeling of love? We don’t know and as a result another heart is broken.

The solution: Give it space, time and some distance. Falling in love alone is not a fun feeling. Spare your feelings as well as the other person’s.
Don’t have ANY expectations. Expectations only lead to disappointment. Would you rather be cautious of your heart or allow yourself to fall into something that just ISN’T what it seems?

Because I’m hurting. The kind of hurt that won’t let me distinguish the difference between a friendship and a relationship. I’m falling. Her actions seems as if she is. Her (not often spoken) words tell me another. So is this just her being friendly? A friend? Is this a friendship? Because my heart is being put on the line. They say you can’t help how you feel. Well unfortunately I might be feeling by my lonesome.
So now what? I’ve given time, energy, patience, space, love and effort. Yet I’m caught between what I would like to be a relationship and what is clearly a friendship with benefits. Feelings, bonds and what we’ve built are now on the line because I can’t distinguish the difference between friends and lovers.

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